KepExpo workshops, what's up?

10 August 2012
by Théodora Burgeat

Photography: A workshop took place in Kep, recently. The well-known French photographer Francoise Huguier and his assistant Cyril Zannettacci managed a team of five Cambodian photographers. This intensive workshop leads to several series of interesting and surprising pictures. An another workshop is planned at the end of October. Suspense until the 21th February 2013 to discover all these new pictures in Phnom Penh!

Architecture and urbanism: A workshop occurred last March in Kep, involving eight French students from Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville and eight Cambodian students from RUFA. It was the first time in Cambodia such school exchange exists!

Numerous drawings and plans were designed resulting from an important reflective work about the way to renovate old houses and organize the urban area. The next workshop will take place in September, in partnership with the Heritage Center, to deepen the analysis and finalize the proposals.

Cinema: A short fiction has been already shoot in Kep by a French moviemaker Quentin Clausin with his Cambodian technical team. Another fictions are on the way. Moreover, in September, in partnership with Cambodian Film Commission, a team will come to Kep to film beautiful scenes of the city and make several interviews of Kep’s inhabitants.

Archives: Thanks to the partnership with Bophana Center and the archives research lead by Marie-Christine Uguen, some interesting documents has been already found as old pictures, plans, texts, movies. But it’s not enough; we need to find more content for the exhibition. Now, an important part of the research consists in gathering documents from private archives. Therefore, we need your help to collect such documents!

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