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Kep, Cambodian Riviera Coming SOON - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Kep arrives in Phnom Penh !

KepExpo is an exhibition, opening SOON in Phnom Penh

An enjoyable five senses festival to approach Kep and its wonders

An amazing architectural and urban sustainable project

A charming path to the Golden Age of Cambodia

A passionate journey created by young Cambodian artists


Supported by

His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia

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KepExpo Fundraising Gala

Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra

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This exhibition is dedicated to Kep City, renowned as one of the most charming Cambodian Riviera location in the 1960’s.

KepExpo will take place in Phnom Penh first, Paris (France) after and later in Kep, as a permanent exhibition. This major event aims at promoting and re-creating Kep in a bounded space through an audiovisual wandering, a unique experience for Cambodian and foreign visitors.

Kep has its mystery; it is a short-lived souvenir of a Cambodian Golden Age. The vestiges of its reputation in the sixties coexist with the wooden shops of the Crab Market, famed throughout the country. Past, present and future, KepExpo will approach the full Stories of this unique seaside spot.

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about kep

Between hills and rice fields, beaches and salt marshes along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand the city is concentrated on a bounded space featuring the still visible scars of the recent history of Cambodia.

Kep is located at 152 km South from Phnom Penh, 24 km from the Vietnamese border, on the coast of Cambodia and bordering the Gulf of Siam. Kep (ខេត្តកែប) literally: "Saddle of the Horse" is the smallest province with 336 km2 with a population of 40,280 inhabitants.

After French colonial rule, with the Independence in 1953 Prince Norodom Sihanouk assured Kep’s status as the "Saint-Tropez of South-East Asia". Cambodian people built villas influenced by the Modern architecture Movement, in which Le Corbusier was widely concerned, after World War II. But, the existence of this chic littoral did not exceed twenty year.

The Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge Regime didn’t spare homes and people in Kep. Peace returned, in a still developing country, the city now looks to the future.

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the exhibition

KepExpo is an exciting archaeological journey through modernity. What are these ruins? What happened to this place? How do the people live there today? What future do they dream of? With KepExpo, we are going to approach the stories of this unique seaside spot.

KepExpo is driven by two main motivations:

  • to collect and preserv Cambodian heritage, as a way to move forward for future generation.
  • to build capacity of young Cambodian artists and students, through a creative collaboration and dialogue with Foreign and Cambodian professionals.

KepExpo is structured as a cross-curricular project to imagine the upcoming Kep. Four creative workshops collaborate: Architecture and Urbanism; Photography; Cinema and Archives.


Françoise HUGUIER, French professional photographer inspires, manages this photo studio. Young Cambodians photographers will collaborate on a same project and share their views, knowledge and experiences on how to report to the public their very own ideas and creativity of Kep’s past, present and future?


Architecture and Urbanism

The partnership between Royal University of Fine Arts and School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville aims at facilitating exchange of data and know-how in order to develop a mutual approach of the concept of heritage. Participants, Cambodians and Foreigners will explore history to draw visible sketches of old houses, create housing models and imagine the upcoming Kep.

Architecture and Urbanism


This group is goaled by the Cambodia Film Commission (CFC). Workshop will be held in Kep for shooting and Phnom Penh for editing. The CFC will test Cambodian participants. They will work and learn with a professional to develop and structure short films.


This is the crosscutting link to the other workshops, organized in partnership with BOPHANA Audiovisual Resource Center. We will collect any document regarding Kep City. These documents will be made available to a wide public during KEP EXPO and thanks to the BOPHANA Center database in its free consultation space.


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KepExpo is a cultural event organized by the Cambodian association “VIMANA-CAMBODIA”. This locally registered non-governmental organization is involved in the conservation, the development and the promotion of the Cambodian popular, cultural and historic heritage. Its various activities take place in Cambodia and abroad in order to propagate to the Cambodians, as well as foreigners, the human usefulness of arts and culture to collaborate with national and international partner organizations, to promote each networking opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with the next generations.

To reach its goals, VIMANA is undertaking a meticulous work of research, identification and selection of audiovisual archives relating to Cambodia, to make them available to the public, through the organization of cultural events in Cambodia and abroad.


Sath Sutorad
Neav Pisey
Than Thanaren
General Secretary
Nhieim Darith


Project Manager
Serge Remy
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Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia / The Heritage Center

The Heritage Center is a bilateral project between Kingdom of Cambodia and France (2007) supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia. It has two main goals: the training of young architects from Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos about heritage preservation; the protection and promotion of urban, vernacular and religious heritage.

Cambodian Film Commission

This is a non-profit organization dedicated to the film professionals (both local industry and foreign shootings). By acting as consultant and providing professional assistance, the CFC helps the teams to shoot their films in Cambodia. CFC provides also training to technicians and production staff

Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center

The Audiovisual Resource Center has adopted two main missions since its opening in 2005 in Phnom Penh: collection of the images and sounds of the Cambodian memory and making them available to a wide public.

The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Royal University of Fine Arts

The Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) is Cambodia's Primary Centre of education and research in arts and culture. The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism trains future architects and urban planner, based on practical applications and theory.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Belleville (ENSAPB) / IPRAUS

Founded in 1969. The research is carried out through the Institut Parisien de Recherche: Architecture, Urbanistique, Société (IPRAUS). The area of research includes history and heritage, architecture of dwellings, territorial architecture, transport and sustainability and the study of Asian and African cities.

Manolis House

Manolis House is a network dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the distinctive architecture and urban heritage of Cambodia. It aims to connect individuals and organizations that care about city planning, quality design, sustainable building and cultural heritage.

Phare Ponleu Sepalk (PPS)

Phare Ponleu Selpak, meaning “the brightness of art”, is a Cambodian non-governmental organization, formally founded in 1994. It aims to support community development through providing social, educative and cultural services to children and their families.


Created in 2009, Anvaya is a social network for Cambodians overseas and returnees based in Phnom Penh. With over 100 members, Anvaya helps to connect individuals, especially with job searching and internship assistance.

In collaboration with:

Melon Rouge Agency

The French Melon Rouge Agency, founded in 2008, is a fully integrated creative communications and photography agency, based in Phnom Penh. Its services include: graphic design, print and web and complete photography and creative communication solutions. Back to top


To develop the communication about the KepExpo project and raise funds for its preparation, Vimana association plans to organize several cultural events, before the official opening of the exhibition.

The first event will take place at the ‪Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra‬. The aim is to organize a subscription for the exhibition, welcoming by invitation Cambodian and foreigners to a unique Kep Gala evening, involving Cambodian artistic performances.

The name of the subscribers will be written on the Wall of Donors, at the entrance of the exhibition.

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We need your support !

For the fundraising

The unprecedented KepExpo event is an exciting archaeological journey through modernity, which from the visible will reveal the invisible. KepExpo will be an important date for Cambodia.

The various grants and subsidies that we requested have attracted the attention of some institutional organizations and foundations such as the Prince Claus Fund or the ASEAN Cultural Program. In addition, local companies will contribute through a special and friendly partnership.

To increase our financial capacity, the support of everyone is essential. We launch, in Cambodia and abroad, a vast subscription, a friendly fundraising campaign. The Board of directors of Vimana Association has decided to thank each contributor in creating the KepExpo Wall of Donors. It will be stand up in front of the main entrance of the exhibition in Phnom Penh, further in Paris, lately in Kep City. For more information, please follow the link to fulfill your kind sponsorship application form or link to this fundraising website.

For the archives collection

The Kep province has this characteristic to synthesize the history of Cambodia. To deepen and diversify the documents presented during the exhibition, the Archive workshop team has the aim to contact each person who could be able to own old documents relating to Kep. Each contribution to the archives collection is essential. The young Cambodian generation wants to discover the unknown part of the past of her country. They are eager to know better and make their own story. Your active support is one of the winning keys of the achievement of KepExpo. To help us or for more information, you can contact us using the form below.

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Architecture workshop II - From 28th August to 28th September 2012

08 September 2012
by Théodora Burgeat
Architecture workshop II - From 28th August to 28th September 2012

Following a first workshop session last March, eight French students from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville and eight Cambodian students from RUFA will come together once again, for one month, to collaborate on the KepExpo project. The young team will by led by five practicing professionals: Mr. Ivan Tizianel, a French architect based in Cambodia for a long time; Mr. Steph Kerr, an Australian landscape architect; Mr. Cyril Ros, a Franco-Khmer architect and teacher at the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville; and Mrs. Damaly Chum, a Franco-Khmer urban planner. The Heritage Center, directed by the architect Mrs. Men Chandevy, is a great support in the implement of the second session.

This workshop has two main objectives: to finish the field analysis, which was initiated at the first session; and to develop various proposals for architectural and urban design projects.

The organization of this workshop was made possible by the joint contribution of two of our partners: the Heritage Center and RUFA, and their respective directors Ms. Men Chandévy and His Excellency Mr. Bon Sovath. In addition to providing working space in Phnom Penh and Kep, they introduced us to local officials in Kep province to present our project. Granting official support to KepExpo, they emphasized the need to increase Cambodians’ knowledge of Kep’s history and provoke thought in the young generation about the province’s development.

At RUFA on September 27th, the students will make a final presentation of their work. We invite you to come explore their new project proposals on February 21st, 2013 in Phnom Penh, during the KepExpo event.

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